Designed by motoring enthusiasts for motoring enthusiasts

Calling all thrill-seekers and road trip aficionados! We've created a game-changing navigation app; curated by us & driven by passionate people looking for adventure just like you.

Tired of the hassle of planning your road trips? Our community-based app is here to simplify it all. Designed by motoring enthusiasts like us, especially for motoring enthusiasts like you, it's your ticket to a world of exhilarating, simplified route planning, and unforgettable memories.

But we're not just an app; we're a vibrant community where members like you shape the adventure. You'll be able to upload your favourite routes, hidden gems, places to stay, and insider tips, to create a treasure trove of information to help your fellow travellers.

All packaged & delivered via a best-in-class satellite navigation app. And all set up for you to get involved and build the ultimate crowd-sourced road trip guide.


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We believe that community involvement should come with benefits. As a member, you have the opportunity to invest in the MIVIA app by purchasing shares.


We’re putting the power of planning a road trip back in your hands. By helping you get to your destination and back again, in a more affordable way without losing out on any of the exclusivity or benefits. 

>     Make road trips easy for everyone  
>     Plan the best experience for your budget   
>     Eliminating hidden costs & surprises
>     Find the very best driving roads
>     Uncover amazing points-of-interest
>     Deliver a better navigation experience
>     Tailor routes suited to your needs
>     Keep you informed along your travels
>     Share your experience with others
>     Building in getting you back to base  

Get onboard with us, sign up today, become a MIVIA member, share in the rewards and open up a world of discovery at your fingertips. And connect with people just like you who love the open road and the sense of adventure it brings to their lives.

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